Special Events

Bringing people together to celebrate an event, share an experience and have a joyful and fulfilling time is vital to community cohesion.

ArtsLink organises and delivers its own Special Events and also contributes and joins in with events delivered by others.

Celebrating the Arts

This is event was cancelled for June 2020.  We very much hope to be able to reinstate it during 2021.

Digby Hall, Hound Street, Sherborne DT9 3AA

A FREE annual event providing exhibition opportunities for all involved with ArtsLink and ArtsLink Fizz!  This is a celebration of the achievements and talents of all people involved with the ArtsLink.

  • Artist talks/demonstrations
  • Exhibition
  • Parkinson’s Dance group display
  • Try-it-out workshops
  • Cafe by The BakeOut
  • Familiy Activity

We welcome everyone to visit this FREE event, whether or not you have engaged with ArtsLink before.  Come along and meet us and see what opportunities are available for you.

ArtsLink Summer School 2020 and Sherborne Open Exhibition

Both these collaboration events have been cancelled for July 2020.  We hope to bring you something similar in 2021.


“I can’t believe how proud it made me seeing my work on display: I never thought I could do that”


“The class is encouraging, informative, it is a joy to be here”


“Before coming to dance I couldn’t stand, but now I can and find standing and walking easier”

ArtsLink Fizz: Parkinsons Dance

“It made me realise I can still do things that I thought I couldn’t do. It just pushes you”.

ArtsLink Fizz: Art for Memory

“Thank you for an excellent and challenging course”


“it makes you do it at home as well, it inspires you to do what you wouldn’t normally do at home”. “I painted all the garden furniture!”

ArtsLink Fizz: Art for Parents

“ArtsLink offers a community as well as art lessons”

ArtsLink Tutor observation

“The class was helpful and fun. I was really, really happy”

ArtsLink Course Participant