Children, Young People and Families

We believe that creativity is a human quality that exists in every single one of us and that fostering this creativity in children and young people is essential to their development.

Therefore ArtsLink has organised many activities to encourage their creative expression and learning.

Families are encouraged to create together at our Art Buffets. Young people grow in confidence and explore ideas in our Summer Theatre Schools. Making, creating, singing and dancing are all part of our Summer Holiday programmes.

The TakepArt Project.   From 2011 to 2016 we engaged with hundreds of children, young people and families through creative projects and activities to develop their talent, provide opportunities and offer fun, exciting times. The full TakepArt report (with lots of pictures) will tell you all about what took place and the outcomes achieved. Funding from the National Lottery enabled us to run this successful project.

Currently we do not have any activities for children and young people in our calendar. We are working on this and exploring funding which will allow us to include such activities again.



“I can’t believe how proud it made me seeing my work on display: I never thought I could do that”


“The class is encouraging, informative, it is a joy to be here”


“Before coming to dance I couldn’t stand, but now I can and find standing and walking easier”

ArtsLink Fizz: Parkinsons Dance

“It made me realise I can still do things that I thought I couldn’t do. It just pushes you”.

ArtsLink Fizz: Art for Memory

“Thank you for an excellent and challenging course”


“it makes you do it at home as well, it inspires you to do what you wouldn’t normally do at home”. “I painted all the garden furniture!”

ArtsLink Fizz: Art for Parents

“ArtsLink offers a community as well as art lessons”

ArtsLink Tutor observation

“The class was helpful and fun. I was really, really happy”

ArtsLink Course Participant