Weekly courses 

ArtsLink offers a range of courses to suit different interests and degrees of experience, so whether you are a complete beginner, or want to extend your skills you will find something to suit you. Our excellent tutors are carefully selected for their expertise in a chosen field and their particular skills in teaching adults. 

Please click on the title of the course you are interested in for full course details. 

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Courses start during the week beginning 25 September 2017, unless otherwise stated.

"Excellent tutor full of advice and help"
"The class is encouraging, informative, it is a joy to be here"
"I have gained so much"

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Spring courses 2018 will be announced and available to book as follows:
Current participants:  From 7 November (priority booking period until 19 November)
ArtsLink Friends:  From 20 November
Others:  From 27 November

Autumn Programme 2017



Progress in Pastels Extra 5 wks from
6 November, SPACES

Keith Stott SWAc

5 wks Mondays 10-12.30

Painting with Acrylics  FULL

Ali Cockrean

9 wks Mondays 1.30-4.00

Acrylics Masterclass  FULL

Ali Cockrean

9 wks Tuesdays 10-12.30

Painting in Watercolours 

Diana Pilcher

9 wks Tuesdays 1.30-4.00

A Passion for Painting New/Evening
Continuing Spring 2018

Ali Cockrean

6 wks  Tuesdays 7.30-9.30

Life Drawing FULL

Susan R Hughes

9 wks Tuesdays 10-12.30

Watercolour & mixed media  FULL

Jane Brayne

9 wks Wednesdays 10-12.30

Watercolour & mixed media FULL

Jane Brayne

9 wks Wednesdays 1.30-4.00

The Building Blocks of Drawing 
Starting 21 September  FULL

Alex Cree

5 wks Thursdays 10-12.30

Stained Glass
Starting 2 November   SPACES

Kate Doig

5 wks Thursdays 10-12.30

Oils Open Studio  FULL

James Budden

9 wks Thursdays 10-12.30

Understanding Oils 

James Budden

9 wks Thursdays 1.30-4.00

Portraiture  FULL

James Budden

9 wks Fridays 10-12.30

Exploring Art Practice

Susan R Hughes

9 wks Fridays 10-12.30

The Art of Pottery
Starting 3 November  SPACES

Joan Biles

6 wks Fridays 10 - 12.30